Ministry of Finance Holds Taxation Policy Workshop for its Staff


The assistant minister of finance Amb. RHoda Jama Elmi urged ministry of finance revenue collectors to make sure they implement the ministry of finance increasing tax collections from different sectors and identifying new avenues that have not been explored for taxation.

Amb. Rhoda was speaking during the conclusion of a two days seminar for top officials of her ministry. She urged them to share the knowledge acquired with their junior colleagues.

She stated the importance of ministry officials to grasp knowledge related to Somaliland tax laws.

“It is also necessary for modernization of technology to not only ease the burden to taxpayers but also ease to the staff for a smooth operation”, underpinned Amb Rhoda.

The minister revealed that the ministry’s dependency on customs as revenue-only source needs to stop so that other areas of taxation need to be bolstered.

She told the ministry officials of the possibility of increasing tax collections to 50% from the current 20% through team initiative.


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