Ministry of Finance holds seminar for monetary authority directors and the accountants of government agencies


The Ministry of Finance opened on Tuesday a crucial training session for the Directors of Monetary Authority, Accountants of Government Agencies and the military, to be trained on how to automate the process of Financial Management Data to prepare the 2024 Government Budget.
The training is be held jointly by officials from the Department of Budget and IFMIS and the IT Department of the Ministry of Financial Development of Somaliland such that they may prepare the budget of their institutions, as per within the limits of budgetary allocations.
The topics to be focused on are:-
1). Budget Preparation Process, which provides a detailed explanation of the government’s budget preparation process.
2. To be trained on the Budget Ceiling.
3). Accounting symbol used in the budget has been developed and modified and adapted to the international accounting symbol (Standard Chart of Accounts).
4). Budget preparation in the online process of IFMIS financial management data management.
5. The preparation of the 2024 staff costs such as the rank of staff and the replacement of government employees who have changed Ministries or government agencies.

6. Preparation of Government Projects in 2024 in detail.
7. Preparing the ranks of the servicemen and their development.
The training was launched by the Director of the Department of Budget and Planning of the Ministry of Financial Development Mr. Yasin Duale Barre, who explained in depth the purpose and mission of the training hence encouraged the officials to reap maximum results from the course.


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