Ministry of Energy and Minerals Cracks Down on illegal gold mining in Sanaag province


The Ministry of Energy and Minerals officials flanked by Somaliland immigration officials conducted an operation to flush out illegal gold miners in Cershiida mountains range and Laasa Surud.

The operation aimed at stopping the gold from being harvested after the people exceeded the limits allowed by the law, and causing damage to the environment.

The ministry of energy and minerals officials held meetings with the communities living in these areas and agreed with the ministry’s decision to stop those illegal activities and close those areas, and people to leave and no one will be allowed to do so unless they have a valid license.

They also underlined that gold buyers who do not have a sales license from the ministry energy and minerals cannot buy nor sell and those found to be engaging in such activities will be shall be dealt with according to the law.

Anyone found to be working or accommodating foreign nationals without a proper mining license from the ministry of energy and minerals will be subject to legal action.

The ministry energy and minerals is grateful to the local community for their cooperation.


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