Minister orders Berbera rent defaulters to pay arrears owed



The Minister of Public Works, Lands and Housing has called on the people living in Berbera city who live in government houses to pay their rent.

The minister was categorical that the ministry will not accept defaulting on rent payments by tenants in government houses hence he directed that they pay all arrears owed.

Hon. Mustafe Mohamud Ali, Minister of Public Works, Lands and Housing said this after his visit to Berbera yesterday.

The Minister of Public Works and a delegation led by him that has been on a business trip to the eastern regions of the country , held a meeting in Berbera city with the coordinators, and the employees of the ministry.

He said, “The trip we went to the eastern region of the country is one of them, which was related to the promotion of the national work, and we are now here in Berbera”.

He had earlier on reached as far as Erigavo.

On the Berbera tenants he said, “I want to send a message to the people of Berbera who are living in government houses, to pay the rent owed by the government”.

He continued, “We ask that you pay the rent. The ministry will launch a campaign. We will go from house to house, everyone will be held responsible for the arrears due”.


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