Minister of Internal Affairs opens quarterly conference of the National Development Plan


The Minister of the Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed opened the quarterly conference on the National Development Plan. It is held every three months.

The quarterly meeting is one of the five pillars of the general plan unifying the Processes of National Development Plan, Decentralization and Democratization as consented by the Government Agencies and both the International and Local NGOs.

Hon. Kahin expounded on the importance of the conference for the nation. He noted that the meeting would be on for a couple of days hence would also focus on the nation’s recognition aspirations, judiciary affairs and justice, environmental affairs and the climate change.

He reiterated the need for peaceful stability saying that the country cherishes the security maintained.

The minister urged the participants to analyze the issues of national development, articulated management, good governance and government-hood.

Mr. Khalid Ibrahim Omar, who is the Director of the Department of Gender and Human Rights at the Ministry of Interior, and one of the committee members that prepare the Five Year Development Plan of the Nation, spoke about the importance of the meeting and the purpose of holding it once every three months.

Both the Ministers of Justice Hon. Suleiman Warsame Guled and that of Constitution and Assembly Relations Hon. Mohamed Haji Adan and also the Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness underscored the importance of holding the analytical meetings for the nation. They noted that they submitted their plans and thanked the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the good work it has done.

Others who participated included the Directors General of Interior and Information, Culture and Awareness Messrs. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail and Abdikarim Aden Adde.

The Deputy Chairman of the Good Governance Agency and officials from several International and Local NGOs were present.


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