Minister of Agriculture distributes farm aid from Turkey to 100 farmers in Salahley


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey has provided assistance to benefit farmers, through the agency for cooperation and relations with Turkey, Tika, which included seeds, medicines and fertilizers.

The Minister of Agricultural Development Hon. Abdiqadir Iman Warsame and officials of the Turkish government attended the event where this aid was distributed with 100 families benefitting from this it.

The Minister of Agriculture Development of Somaliland Hon. Abdilqadir Iman Warsame, thanked the Turkish aid agency Tika for the assistance it provided to some of the farmers in Salahley district.

The minister noted that the aid given to the farmers is a good starting point and noted that whenever the farmers initiate a move does subsidization come in.

He urged farmers to step up land cultivation such that food production may be sustained adding that the farmers would be trained.

The farmers thanked the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tika organization, and promised that they will make good use of the seeds and fertilizers.


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