Manhal Hospital Conducts Free Eye Surgeries in Burao



Manhal hospital in Buroa has conducted free eye surgeries for the destitute families in Buroa. Authorities urge the public to benefit from the opportunity to enjoy a healthy sight. The widely known Manhal hospital in Buroa formally announced a rare chance for the locals in the city. The hospital on Thursday announced a free of cost eye surgery for underprivileged members of Buroa community. Around 2000 residents are to benefit from the project according to hospital officials. The surgeries of cataract gelochome, retina and screening will be performed by the hospital. Officials who spoke at the launching ceremony have stressed the need for the community ti fully benefit such projects and should prioritize their health conditions. As part of the Eye CAM, that is going on right now, in partnership with Manhal, a charity organization and in collaboration with the ministry of health, we are here as MSF team to witness the ongoing Eye CAM. It will continue for seven days and it will cover as I mention in Buroa town and its environs as well. We actually witness a huge number of people. Manhal hospital pledged to continue assisting the needy community who are not capable of going to hospitals for treatment due to financial constraints.



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