Man and Beast compete for Water in western regions, says GUURTI member



A Guurti member Hon Ahmed Aden Qalinle told his colleagues a sad story of hard jungle life afflicting the populace in western parts of the country.

The MP who was contributing to the climate change and its environmental impact debate in the house yesterday, Saturday 27th March 2021, told of how he saw pastoralists, hyenas, baboons, and warthogs competing and fighting scarce water available.

The member went to the areas of Awdal, and Selal regions for a fact-finding tour according to Khadar M. Hashi, a reporter for our sister paper Dawan.

He called for the environmental department and associated line agencies to do something comprehensively articulate such that recurring drought impacts and famines may be addressed and curtailed altogether.

The member told of monumental impact of drought and impending famine in the areas he visited.

By M.A. Egge


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