Kenyan Air Strikes Target Telecom Masts in Somalia



Kenyan fighter jets shelled rural villages resided by pastoralist communities in southern Somalia’s Gedo region on Tuesday, in an intensified air campaign that has caused an outage of telecommunication services in areas close to its border.

Among the villages targeted by the air raids are near the town of El-Wak in Gedo region.

Aerial bombardment destroyed masts belonging to Somali-telecommunication gain Hormuud, causing network outage in rural areas along border area, which has made difficult to receive information on the extent of damage caused by Kenyan military strikes.

Civilians and their livestock are feared to be among the casualties in the air strikes, a local resident said.

The sound of the explosions as a result of the aerial bombardments have panicked rural residents inhabiting villages outside El-Wak.

Many have fled their homes after weapons bombed civilian targets in the border area on Saturday night though casualties have not been known.

Kenya has not commented on the renewed campaign launched by its military, which comes months after similar air raids that left many civilians triggered the ire of Somalia’s authorities and led to severing diplomatic ties between the two states.



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