It is time to stand up and fight for Somaliland



This past week, we witnessed the worst battle loss the Somaliland army ever suffered in our history. We saw disturbing photos of the mistreatment of the commander Feisal Bootaan. Torture, killing of the POWs  , and the desecration of the bodies of our soldiers in the hands of armed thugs in Las Anood. We are demanding the leaders of the clan militias to treat Gen. Bootaan and other prisoners with respect and not use them as propaganda for their failing misadventure.

Somalilanders are asking what went wrong?

For almost a year, the Somaliland National Defense Forces (SLNDF) gallantly defended their posts and territory in Las-Anood, despite our politicians tying up their hands.  Our political leaders made serious tactical mistakes in the initial phase of the Las-Anood battle, for allowing clan militias into a peaceful town. We should have listened to the advice of the military commanders who refused to let armed militias into Las-Anood proper. For instance, this past January, Gen. Bootaan denied one of the Dhulbahante Clan elders from entering Las-Anood at Tukaraq checkpoint because armed men were escorting them. The Interior Minister Kaahin overruled his order not to upset the radical clan elders who were advocating violence.

The army has been in a precarious situation because of the bad decisions of  our leaders. We foolishly lost our soldiers and officers because elected politicians placed cumbersome restrictions on the army in their fight against Anti-Somaliland militias in East Sool.

After we grieve, we will unite, we will reinforce our troops, we will take on Las Anood Clan militias, and we will not be cowered by the Anti-Somaliland zealots. But, first, we need a military strategy, plan and execution to take on Anti-Somaliland terrorists. The tip of the spear of the Darood clan militias and the terrorist is at the gates of the Oog Township, some 90km west of Las-Anood.

Last week’s military loss demands a total shakeup at the top brass in the military. and security agencies after a thorough investigations what went wrong.

The Anti-Somaliland zealots are led by the extreme clan-elders, terrorists, and anarchists. Their goal is to bring down our young nation and destroy the aspirations of 6 million Somalilanders to become a free and democratic Republic, and to be a member of the world of nations. They are well financed, backed by Communist China, the radical Ictisaam merchants, Darood clan political panhandlers, and the ‘hate media factory “.

I have no doubt that our enemy will hear from us soon.

We should address our political grievances through peaceful means. Presidential nominee Cirro should call on the armed bandits in Gacan Libaax mountains to stand down and face justice.

We should not believe  social media postings blaming a rogue Gar-Xajis officer responsible for the military communications for last week’s debacle. This is part of our enemy’s campaign to sow division among the military and our communities. Gar-Xajis sub-clan men and women are fighting  and dying along with our troops, to defeat the Anti-Somaliland clan militias in Las-Anood. Garxjis commitment to defend and protect our nation is bedrock solid.

We should not let the controversy of the election delays, or the outcome of 2017 election to undermine our resolve. Partisan rancor, divisive rhetoric on social media, and deep clan divisions would only provide aid and comfort to our enemies. It’s time our political leaders put country before party or clan.

It is the time when all Somalilanders from every walk of life unite in our resolve to defend the nation. Somaliland has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time.

It is hard to forget what took place in Las Anood last Friday. Yet, we must move forward to defend our freedom. Defending our country against its enemies is the main responsibility of our government. Our government must do everything it can to keep us safe. The territorial integrity of the Republic of Somaliland is not-negotiable, and we will defend and fight for every inch of our country.

We need to unite at home and abroad. It is something our nation needed at a time of catastrophic military loss. It is time to stand up and fight for Somaliland. Waving the white flag of surrender is not an option, patriots. A risky scenario is that we could lose our hard-fought freedom.

May Allah Bless Somaliland!

Ali-Guban Mohamed



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