Islamic Cooperation Organization Lauds Somalia-Somaliland Dialigue



The General Secretariat of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) has landed the resumption of the dialogue between the president of the Federal Govt of Somalia and Somaliland president which was held on June 14 to 15 in Djibouti.

The OIC has thrown its weight  behind the new initiative spearheaded by Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh who hosted the consultative summit between the leaders of Somalia and Somaliland to resume the stalled talks and unite the Somali people.

The General Secretariat has also hailed this initiative which led to the agreement between the two sides that agreed upon to establish a joint technical committee to pave the way for the resuming of the talks and to follow up on outstanding issues to resolve the disagreement between the two parties and promote peace in the region.

The President hoped for the technical committee to discuss what is the best interest for Somali populace.

Somaliland declared unilateral decision to separate from Somalia in 1991 following the collapse of Somalia’s central govt headed by the late deceased Said Barre



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