Investing taxes on public services, is the government’s national policy, Central Bank Governor


Central Bank Governor Eng. Ali Abdillahi Dahir, speaking at a ceremony of the Central Bank’s investment in the Water Agency in Burao, Togdeer region, said that it is the government’s national policy to return capital to the people and fund community infrastructural services.

Eng. Ali said he was pleased with the central bank’s acquisition of equipment for the Burao Water Authority, which he said would be handed over to the Minister of Water and the manager of the Burao Water Agency.

The investment by the central bank of the Burao Water Agency is in line with the policy of the government of President Muse regarding taxes collected by the citizens to repay them and provide them with basic social services.

“Public taxes should be invested in their services, and the central bank stands for economic growth in Somaliland,” said Eng Ali.

Eng Ali, Central Bank governor has thanked Minister of Water and the Burao Water Agency Manager, whose efforts have how bore Burao dwellers with clean water.


He called on Buroa inhabitants to connect water pipes to their homes to increase Water agency revenue.


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