Interior minister confirms the nabbing of policemen killers




He decries falsehoods expressed by Waddani chair

By M.A. Egge

The Interior Minister Hon. Mohammed Kahin Ahmed has confirmed that three of the culprits believed to have ambushed two senior security personnel and murdered them in cold blood have been apprehended.

He further revealed that 10 more suspects have been similarly arrested in connection to the case for having abetted in the crime hence worked in cahoots with the killers in collaborating and mobilization of the crime.

The minister who called a press conference in his office pointed out that the investigations was in high gear and the security personnel was in hot pursuit for more suspects connected to the aghast crime.

Hon. Kahin noted with regret that the Wadani leader Abdirahman M. Abdillahi Irro has taken the occasion to lambast the government and demonize the police instead of standing by the nation to front for pacification and denounce the crime perpetrated against the Gar-adag security officers who were mercilessly slain by gun-toting thugs in a double-murder that was most foul.

Earlier in the week Gara-adag prison commander Major Abdillahi Ahmed Tallan and the Gara-adag deputy OCS Inspector Noor Aw Ali Nouh were pursued by no less than five vehicles as they fled the town of their duty stations and were killed in a manner that exhibited planned, mobilized and executional cold-blooded double murder.

The interior minister revealed that the vehicles used in the crime have all been captured.

He decried the elicited amount of unnecessary polarization politics of the incident that caused a lot of hoola-baloos from public quarter, mostly coaxed by Wadani, such as to cash in politically.

He said it was sad since all institutions had to stick and adhere to regulations enshrined in the constitution.

The Minister denied Wadani leader’s claim that the slain duo had appealed for his (minister’s) help in vain.

Hon. Kahin pointed out that the region had its leaders hence officials had their regional coordinators, departmental heads, commanders etc, who fell under the regional governors’ supervision who were in place to address any arising issues thereof.

The minister lamented that an eminent personality of the Wadani chair’s stature had seriously erred in perpetrating falsehoods and personally tarnish his personal name instead of sticking to his expected cue.

Much of the outcry emanated from the declaration of emergency situation in Gara-adag, El-afwein and Erigavo districts of Sanaag.

The minister defended the state’s decision since he noted that 79 deaths (including the latest) have happened in the Sanaag region since 2015, with 161 injuries.

Security personnel alone sustained 28 injuries and 8 deaths.

The casualties especially the latest was a mobilized one, said the minister.

The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi was so irked by the latest incident that he ordered the security personnel to pursue the killers forthwith.

Hon. Kahin observed that the action on security personnel mobilization was tailored for this purpose and not to subdue the members of the public as falsely charged by Wadani.


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