Insights on Somalia & Somaliland Consultative Meeting in Djibouti


Many years later, leaders of Somaliland and Somalia are officially meeting in Djibouti but the agenda of the meeting still remains unclear.

This is a meeting whereby both sides have enough preparations in a bid to win the debate of the consultative meeting.

Prior to the talks, each leader met with elites with his side and sought advice.

President Musa Bihi Abdi met with leaders of national political parties for further consultations before departing for Djibouti to attend the first meeting with Somalia.

On the other hand, Somalia’s PM Hassan Ali Khaire held consultative talks with the national committee tasked on the dialogue with Somaliland.

The two leaders of Somalia and Somaliland are ideologically far from each other.

Bihi said: “We believe the key to a sustainable and peaceful future lies in the honest and sincere dialogue under the auspices of neutral and impartial international mediation mechanism and a guarantor.”

Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi is a man who knows the game chart and when to have the upper hand in the debate as well as he does not seem a man giving up on the notion that Somaliland to be an independent state.

Farmajo said: “We are here today to open a long-awaited historical talk between the Federal Govt of Somalia and Somaliland government to renew our commitment for open and honest dialogue and future ties is to achieve long lasting peace and prosperity for our society. The Federal Govt is committed to address all outstanding issues and breach the gap between the two sides.”

Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo is a very strong politician who plays silent politics. Less than 8 months of his term in office, and political analysts believe that this consultative meeting will be part of his political campaign for his bid for re-election as president of Somalia.





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