Hargeisa University to train local journalists at Ministry of information



University of Hargeisa will provide training on audience research to the staff and journalists from the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance. The training will be completed in two weeks, and it is intended to help the trainees conduct a survey on the audiences of Radio Hargeisa and Somaliland National Television.

The president of the University of Hargeisa, the Director of research and Community Services of the University, the vice-minister, Director of Planning, Head of research and Statistics of the Ministry of Information, Culture, and National guidance attended the opening session of the training. The president of the University explained that the University stands for not only teaching to the students but doing researches on both domestic and regional issues. The president expounded that a journalist needs more than any other person the knowledge of data collection and analysis. He encouraged the beneficiaries of this training to grasp all the research skills that they can get from this training.

The Director of the Research and Community Services Mr. Warsame who will deliver this training acknowledged the ministry for having good cooperation with the University. He promised that the participants will get the right skills and knowledge to make the survey and also make further data collections if needed. He requested the trainees to be punctual and serious to comprehend all the knowledge and skills during the training period. The vice-minister officially opened the training and ensured that the Ministry will consider the data collected in the Survey for decision making.


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