Former Defense Minister Denies Claims that Silanyo Era Ministers are Planning a Clandestine Plot against President Bihi


The former minister of defense in president Silanyo’s administration Mr.Ahmed Haji Ali Cadami has refuted claims that his colleagues have a sinister plot in the offing against the incumbent president Musa Bihi Abdi. The minister was speaking in an exclusive interview with the Horn Newspaper whereby said “I’m aware  of gossips circulating within the city environs purporting  that a clique of former ministesr in president Silanyo administration are planning to converge in Erigavo town. These are my colleagues we have known each other for a long time they have invited us we to have invited them it does not concern the opposition. People should not be stopped from talking we are in a free country so I do not see why we should not meet. Our conscience is clear we have nothing to hide. These are baseless rumors being circulated by sinister people who have other motives.

The minister went on to say “My colleagues have different ambitions others have gone to the UK to further their studies while other are in Scandinavian countries. Most of my former colleagues are residing in Hargeisa and are law abiding citizen no one is plotting anything against the government. As I’m aware all former ministers relinquished power honorable.”

Speaking about the security of the country he had this to say “No one can bribe us to maintain security in the country we love Somaliland and we are right behind our people aspiration of self determination.  It is wrong for the government to hear gossips of some sinister people who claim the former ministers are holding a clandestine meeting which seek to cause chaos in the country. That’s wrong the ministers are members of the ruling party Kulmiye and have played their role in Somaliland development are will never play any role that seek to reverse that.”



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