Finance ministry honours employees who excelled in their duties


The Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire flanked by his deputy Hon. Rooda Jama Ilmi and the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman yesterday closed a two-day senior staff evaluation meeting on the performance of the treasury and awarded honours to staffers that excelled in the dispensation of their duties.

The consisted of all the Revenue Departments (C/Foreign & Customs) performances for the previous year, 2022.

The meeting of this nature is usually held by the ministry bi-annually.

It draws the coordinators of the regions and districts country-wide who present the performance reports of their departments and sections.

Pros and cons associated, challenges and pending issues are comprehensively reported as per the stipulations of good governance procedural guidelines.

The senior officials of the ministry and the administrators of the regions and districts likewise share in the meeting any suggestions and examples to be faced in the next six months.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Financial Development, Ambassador Rooda Jama Ilmi, Director General Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka), Directors of the Departments of Revenue, Inland Taxes, Customs, Public Relations, Human Resources and Finance and other senior officials of the ministry.

The Directors of Revenue of Inland Revenue and Customs urged their officers to redouble their efforts in carrying out the duties of revenue generation.

“The Department of Inland Revenue has generated more than the target envisioned, thanks to the credibility of taxpayers in the country,” said the Director of Inland Revenue.

“The Department of Customs last year did not reach its goal due to the economic situation in the world,” said the Director of Customs.

Director General of Finance Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka) who made a speech urged the revenue department officials to step up their efforts even further.

“I hope that you will excel as you execute the plans for 2023, and I am ready to work with you on anything that will make it easier for you to fulfill your duties.”

He called for the exercising of good rapport and humbleness as they deal with the tax-payers.

The Deputy Minister Hon. Ambassador Rooda Jama Ilmi, on her part, urged the revenue department officials double their efforts and keep up the momentum such that the ministry’s goals may be fully achieved.

She reminded the officials that all staffers would be held accountable and their diligence would be acknowledged.

Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire echoed similar sentiments and urged for more diligence and the stepping up of efforts.

He thanked and lauded the staffers who surpassed expectations.

“I thank again everyone who worked hard and reached the desired goal, I thank again everyone who exceeded the expected goals and plan”, said the minister.

Dr. Saad noted that the obligations can only be dispensed and achievements realized if the whole institution worked as a unit in togetherness.


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