ex-presidential affairs minister establishes Kaah political organization


In a well-organized event, members of the House of Representatives and 600 delegates from the six regions approved the name and symbol of the political organization KAAH.

Politician Mohamud Hashi Abdi, who was one of the founders of KAAH, members of the House of Representatives and former politicians who held various positions in different governments were among the founders.

Members of the House of Representatives who were part of the founders of the Kaah Political Association said that they are predicting KAAH association make changes in the political arena of the country.

The politician Mahmoud Hashi Abdi who spoke at the event said that citizens have the right to organize themselves and he added,

“I was one of the people who wanted to succeed the KULMIYE helmanship, but it has become impossible to fulfill the desire”.

KAAH organization will not be attributed to certain clans but it will belong to the Somaliland nation.

The delegation that attended the meeting elected politician Mahmoud Hashi Abdi as the temporary chairman of the KAAH association, while Abdilah Ibrahim Habane was elected as the vice chairman.


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