Ex-Head of Jail Ogaden arrested in Puntland



Mudug provincial authorities in Puntland on Sunday have reportedly confirmed that police have arrested Ex-head of the notorious “Jail Ogaden” Hassan Ismail Ibrahim “Hassan Dhere”.

Mr. Hassan has been hiding in Somalia ever since the notorious regional president, Abdi Iley was ousted from power last year. The jail which was used for torture to Somali people in Ethiopia was announced its closure in September last year and that it would be turned into museum.

Mr. Hassan, the ex-head of Jail Ogaden found Goldogob as s safe haven having sneaked into Somalia while fled from being persecuted for the gross human rights violation that occurred during the Abdi Iley regime who is also in prison. He was arrested by police after they got hints that he is hiding in Goldogob.

As it is planned that Mr. Hassan will be handed over to Somali state authorities in Jigjiga today. The incumbent Somali regional president, Hon. Mustafe Agjar promised to bring the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity to justice wherever they go.




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