EUCAP & Swedish Specialized Team train Somaliland Coast Guard


Somaliland Coast Guard is protecting Somaliland territorial waters by combating illegal activities such as trafficking, illegal and unregulated fishing, smuggling and degradation of the marine ecosystems.

The European union capacity building mission (EUCAP) is mandated to contribute to the increase of the maritime law enforcement capacity. EUCAP Coast Guard advisers worked together with Swedish specialized trainers on advanced training to support the Somaliland Coast Guard. The coast guard officers were strengthened in their capacity in areas such as search and rescue, including medical first aid training and boat repairing maintenance on the boats, earlier donated by Sweden.

In total the Swedish specialized trainers facilitated twelve weeks of training. The courses included theoretical training and practical exercises at the sea. In two phases the coast guard officers were trained in using various equipment at the slipway and Jetty Station at the Coast Guard base in Berbera. The lesson plan was largely based on the international Search & Rescue Handbook. The EUCAP Coast Guard advisers who had conducted maritime training with the SLCG at Berbera during Autumn 2021 engaged with the Swedish specialists on this.

The Swedish specialized team representative said: “Our training a is a step forward to sustainability and self-sufficiency in this Coast Guard function of search and rescue”.  EUCAP coast guard advisor, Mr. Kruse adds: “The European Union especially EUCAP supports Somaliland Coast Guard in establishing maritime security and core Coast Guard functions here in Somaliland. That’s why we are conducting training on search and rescue, first aid and engineering among others relevant to the coast guards’ functions”.

During the Eid celebrations in 2021 there were many drownings with fatal consequences in Berbera. The Swedish specialized team trained the life guards and Sweden donated lifebuoys that have been mounted at the Berbera beach.  During this year’s festival five persons drowned at sea. Four of them survived because of the good cooperation at sea and on land. The lifeguard team used the technique that EUCAP has learned them in February (drown CPR).

EUCAP and Swedish specialized trainers are thrilled about the continuing collaboration with SLCG and look forward to developing further initiatives in Somaliland.



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