Ethiopia Urges Somaliland Business tycoons to invest in Ethiopia



Investment minister of Somali regional state of Ethiopia accompanied by delegation held discussions with SL counterpart in a bid to enhance the trade bilateral ties between the two sides.

The Ethiopian delegation briefed the business opportunities for SL entrepreneurs.

SL said it held fruitful talks with Somali regional authority in Ethiopia and will have a second round meeting in Ethiopia although both sides have not revealed a fixed date for the meeting to be held.

Abdisalan Yusuf, the investment minister from Somali regional state of Ethiopia said that he traveled to Hargeisa in a bid to convince SL business community to invest Ethiopia.

Abdisalan said: ” We came to Hargeisa, SL for a working visit. We appreciate SL officials for the warm welcome. Though it was a short trip. our main agenda was to convince SL business tycoons to invest Ethiopia.”

Mohmed Ahmed Awad, SL investment minister confirmed that SL received an invitation from Ethiopian delegation to attend a crucial meeting which is due to be held in Jigjiga, the administrative capital of Somali state.

Awad said: ” We are happy to have this delegation in SL and for the invitation they extended for us to witness a key conference which is expected to take place in the region soon which is our diplomatic gate to the African nations.”


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