Eastern Burao traditional leaders resolve to defend their areas of residences and live in harmony with neighbours



A three-day traditional leaders’ conference dabbed ‘Talowadaag’ which brought together the traditional leaders and intellectuals of East Burao that was focused on the security and stability of their regions and residences following recent skirmishes that claimed fatalities in Buq-Dharkayn and Yayle.

The traditional leaders of Burao East have resolved that they will not tolerate any invasion against their areas of residences, and that they have to the unity of the community and the defense of their land.

Articles from the meeting were as follows:-

“A statement from the meeting of the “Talowadaag” community of Habarjeclo”.

Between the 25th and 28th of November 2023, which corresponds to the 11th to the 14th of Jamadul 1/1445H, the Habarjeclo clans from Burao were discussing the conflicts in their areas in a main conference.

The name of the conference was “Talowaadag” and it was attended by Sultans, oligarchs, chiefs, general committee of Habarjeclo communities, MPs, scholars, politicians, youth and expatriates.

The meeting discussed the situation in Somaliland in general, especially the banditry and invasions by the Dhulbahante, community with the help of Darood, on the Habarjeclo community.

The following resolutions and declarations came out of the conference:

  1. The Consultative Conference of Habarjeclo Communities fully supports the existence and statehood of Somaliland.
  2. The Habarjeclo community consultation meeting agreed to unite and defend their areas.
  3. In this consultation meeting of Habarjeclo communities, the attacks and violations committed by the Dhulbahante community with the help of the Darood community in the Habarjeclo area, especially in Buqdharkayn and Qorilugud areas, were analyzed in depth.

These events revealed that the perpetration of the Dhulbahante on the residents and their properties was a flagrant abuse and flouting of traditional etiquettes and norms of battles known though out the Somali tribes.

It is a clear testimony of the horrible abuses they have committed in Buqdharkayn centre;

  1. They killed the mosque leader who was an old man.
  2. They burned and destroyed the buildings of the town.
  3. They killed innocent women and children.
  4. They buried the baraagaa (water wells) that was used by everyone.
  5. During the invasion, we admit that Dhulbahante several times called for peace accompanied by swearings and threats.
  6. The consultative meeting of the Habarjeclo communities has resolved to defend their areas, and they declare that they will not invade the areas of Dhulbahante and other areas they belong to. They vouched for peaceful coexistence and good neighbors.
  7. The Habarjeclo community consultation conference calls on the Somaliland community for strength, stability and national unity.
  8. The Habarjeclo Community Consultative Conference informs Somaliland communities that we will send emissary delegates to all of them.
  9. The Consultative Conference calls on the relevant National Councils and Institutions to finalize the draft Electoral Rules to end the political conflict that has already been agreed upon.


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