Dr. Dolaal and Jigjiga Traditional elders plead for justice to be served


The traditional leader of the Ethiopian Somali region urged the Somaliland government and community as a whole to help them get due justice for Yasmin Abdiqadir Shaybani.

The elders spoke about what they described as a fraud lawsuit in a Maroodi-jeeh regional court that reached a judgment to refund three hundred thousand dollars to Yasmin, whom they say has not yet received her rights.

They called for the Somaliland community and the government to help see that the girl get her rights and justice as deserved.

The elders said that it was painful for to girls be denied their rights.

Dr. Ibrahim Adan Dolaal and other elders said that they are sympathetic to the Yasmin girl’s case and that they have not yet found a solution of having justice being served up to now.

They lamented that even a star witness for Yasmin has been jailed, a matter that makes them very worried.


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