Djibout’s political crisis sparked by the torture subjected to an air force pilot



Somali sage says “kabo xume ma hadhe kab laawa hadha” which literally means “a person with poor quality shoes is not left behind but a person with one shoe missing is rather left behind”  another wisdom says sub-standard and corrupt government is better than no government.
In Djibouti, the people who are striving hard to dethrone Geele ought to ponder and wonder deeply nd thoroughly the repercussions to avoid anarchy nd chaos because the aftermath disaster could be far-reached and drastic as oftenly without comprehensive prior plans lawlessness ensues the removal of any given tyranny. Countless middle east nations such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq are primary example of this or perhaps in some scenarios far worst rular would take the helm like what happened in Egypt.
More worse it’s highly likely that outside powers such as UAE are bankrolling nd pulling the strings to topple Geele due to previous grievances and Geele in his turn has bastion entourages and outside allies, therefore ousting him definitely won’t be plain sailing plan, so if civil war erupted the proxy war is imminent. Sadly, at end of the day vulnerable Djaboutians would get the short end of stick and bear the brunt.
Beyond the borders, Geele constantly meddle Somalis issues economically and politically and left Somaliland to stew in numerous occasions for the expenses of his personal nd country interests but Somaliland administrations chose not to retaliate back for unknown reasons.
Given the fact the nation’s small number of population and viable means he has, it’s safe to say that Mr Geele could have done better to develop and prosper this country like Singapore. Djabouti seaport serves as outlet of the populated and landlocked country of Ethiopia. Furthermore, due to its strategic location this small nation hosts plenty of military bases. Without reasonable doubt the revenues collected from these two sources would’ve been adequate to build and make prosper a nation of handful population like Djabouti.
On the other hand, it’s natural thing that people would like to see change of any administration after some time even if the rular is saint nd perfect. Geele has been the power since 1999, thus replacing him is inevitable to give other talented citizens a platform to showcase their aptitude and knowledge.
Fahad mohamoud


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