Dahir Rayale cautions against tribalism and hate-speeches as he addresses the nation during 18th May celebrations


The former president of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayale Kaahin advised the nation to shun tribalism and clannish tendencies as he delivered a speech at the 33rd anniversary commemoration event of the May 18th Day that the country re-asserted its nationhood.

H.E. Dahir Rayale who was the 3rd Head of State of the country congratulated all the people of Somaliland both within the country and abroad.

He wished them success, prosperity, and progress, noting that the nation of Somaliland has come a long way.

He cautioned politicians to tread a path a path that is devoid of tribal sentiments as the start their political campaigns for the forth coming presidential and political party elections that is around the corner.

He warned against hate speeches, malicious and sarcasm in public utterances that may fan seeds of discord and tarnish the harmony cherished.

“We have urged political parties and organizations to veer away from tribalism and compete in a political party-oriented system”, he said, and continued; “It has been a long road to where we are today. It did not come lightly. The youth may assume all has been well, but nay, we have come a long way through bitter struggles”

He said that his main advice is for the politicians and the people of Somaliland to shun tribalism and completely veer away from clannish tendencies which he lamented that has taken root in recent times.

Noting that the political parties systems was mooted to aid electioneering processes and cultivate a zero-tribal tolerance.

Saying that the introduction of political parties’ culture was to nip the buds of tribalism since where clannish tendencies reign supreme, the essence of nationhood fizzles out.

He appealed to politicians and the populaces alike to be objective and nurture justifiable wisdom that is worth its salt and be fair-minded and impartial.

he similarly advised present and future leaders to be more just in their dispensations by upholding impartiality, justice and equality to all the subjects in the country and nation of Somaliland.


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