Daesh Faction displays pictures in Puntland



Daesh faction has grown from strength to strength in Puntland according to reports. The media wing of Islamic State has posted pictures taken from their fighters together with their commanders who are based in the mountain areas in certain districts in Puntland. The group has conducted military rehearsals showcasing its military might and weapons every year which coincides with the commemoration of Eid-Al-Adha. This comes days after Puntland authority in Somalia claimed to have destroyed Deash camps located in the eastern parts of the region after Puntland’s army launched operations that lasted for two weeks which was aimed at targeting Daesh bases. Puntland authority’s interior minister, Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan told local media that Puntland forces killed most of Daesh fighters and flushed the remnants from the territory. However, the new photos published by Deash repudiate Puntland’s claim and indicate that the faction has a strong presence in the region and has got military might to carry out attacks against Puntland.


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