CPA Attended the UN High Level Political Forum in New York



CPA become one of 12 organizations selected from over 150 institutions applied to be selected the winers of the Voices of SDG16. Ismail Hussein, Center for Policy Analysis from Somaliland, and other participants from Pakistan, Kenya, Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Philipines, Pakistan, India and Guatamela was invited to participate the UN High Level Political Forum in New York.

CPA, founding member of Somaliland’s SDG16+ Coalition and other Coalition members including Mustafe Sacad from SONSAF and Abdijaliil Daahir from Saferworld, presented in New York a report about Somaliland’s SDG16+ Progress Report.

During their stay CPA and other selected 11 countries got an opportunity to address the America’s International Peace Institute and also attended an SDG16 meeting in Korean Mission to UN. also the the team attended the UN High Level Political Forum meeting.


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