Corpses of 15 Somali people slayed by Oromo were brought to Jigjiga which sparked street protests


JIGJIGA– Protests breaks out in Jigjiga, the seat of Ethiopia’s Somali State after 15 Somali people killed in Tuli Gulied were brought to Jigjiga today.

The corps were mainly children, women and elderly people were slayed by Oromo soldiers who launched an attack against Somalis living in Tuli-Gulied. The corpses of those killed were displayed in Jigjiga which sparked an abating demonstrations erupted and according to reports that they are still underway. The corpses were shot in the head or in the chest while some become difficult to recognize due to multiple shootings in the head.

The protests are taking place in major streets in Jigjiga and the main hospital while they are chanting justice must prevail. Police in conjunction with Ethiopian Federal Military could not disperse the protests and being rowdy they have chased the police.



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