Chief Justice wraps up symposium for 30 Appellate Judges of Marodi-jeh


The President of the Supreme Court, Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, together with the Supreme Court Advisor, Dayib Muhammed Noor, and the Head of Training, Ayan Mohamed Ibrahim, concluded a three-day seminar for 30 judges from the Court of Appeal of Marodi-jeh, the Regional Court of Marodi-jeh and Hargeisa District Court.

The training, which was organized by the Supreme Court, analyzed issues that are the backbone of the Islamic rules and the systems that our religion judges as concerns murders, maims, injuries, etc, and how they can be annulled.

Dr. Hassan Hussein Ali and Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gadle who are among the country’s scholars who have extensive knowledge of Sharia and Jurisprudence have taken a commendable part.

At the end of this training, Dr. Hussein Hassan Ali (Hussein Fara’id) who was among the tutors, thanked the judges for the efficient manner in which they were ready for the exchange of knowledge during the training and shared questions based on the topics. He instructed the Judges to never get tired of learning the Islamic Shari’ah.

Supreme Court Chief, Adam Haji Ali, who concluded the training, thanked the teachers who gave the training and the judges who benefited from it. He elaborated on the importance of the Judge having the opportunity to spend time with scholars who specialize in some areas of Sharia.

On the other hand, the Chairman mentioned that in the coming weeks, training will be conducted for the Judges operating in the Western Regions, as earlier the judges of the Eastern regions of the country were held for a 10-day training in the city of Burao.


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