Breaking News: Ethiopian Delegation to Meet OLF Leadership in Asmara


Addis Ababa August 6, 2018 A delegation led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Workneh Gebeyehu and Chief Administrator of Oromia Lema Megersa is expected to meet with the leadership of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) this afternoon in Asmara, Eritrea.

The delegation has left Addis Ababa this morning for Asmara to discuss with the OLF wing led by Dawud Ibsa on ways of returning home.

The two sides are expected to start their discussion this afternoon.

Negeri Lencho, Head of Oromia Communication Bureau, said the meeting is aimed at discussing the return of the organization to Ethiopia so as to continue its struggle in a peaceful and legal manner.

The meeting with OLF is part of the government’s efforts to persuade exiled political organizations to return home and be part of the ongoing change.

Following the government’s call, leadership of exiled political organizations including the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) and Tigray Democratic Alliance party has returned home.

While other parties including Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democracy is in the process of returning home.



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