Bahir Dar University delegation holds strategic discussion with University of Hargeisa management

Representatives of Bahir Dar University and University of Hargeisa discussed on the partnerships of the two universities. The discussion started with a briefing by Mr. Warsame Ahmed, Director for Research and Community Services at University of Hargeisa, about the activities being conducted by University of Hargeisa. Mr. Warsame particularly presented that University of Hargeisa’s partnership with Bahir Dar University is “an excellent example of successful collaboration and an important instrument to improve University of Hargeisa’s institutional profile in teaching, research and community services.”
Dr. Manendante Mulugeta, Director for External Relations and Partnerships at Bahir Dar University, presented the profiles of Bahir Dar University and reported the status of the ongoing partnerships between the two universities. He indicated that Bahir Dar University is hosting PhD and Master’s students from University of Hargeisa in the fields of medicine, health sciences, public health, business and economics, and educational leadership and policy.
Mr. Mustafe Khadar, Vice President for Academic and Research, University of Hargeisa, expressed the interest of University of Hargeisa to open sandwich programs in the areas of engineering, architecture, English language, and disaster risk management and food security studies. Mr. Fuad Obsiye, Director of Postgraduate programs at University of Hargeisa, mentioned the presence of limited number of academic staff and less qualified staff for curriculum development in his university and the need for joint intervention.
Dr. Seifu Admasu, Scientific Director of Bahir Dar institute of Technology (BiT), Bahir Dar University, discussed how the partnership ambitions of Bahir Dar University align with the vision of University of Hargeisa and disciplines of mutual interest in the field of engineering such as water resource management, electrical engineering, electro mechanical engineering, road construction, and ICT.
Mr. Birhanu Gedif, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Bahir Dar University said the two institutions shall work closely to benefit not only university communities but also the people of the two nations. He stressed that Bahir Dar University will fully support the University of Hargeisa by sending academic and research staff, hosting postgraduate students and giving scholarships, helping to customize the curriculum of the University into local realities, opening short term programs etc.
On the discussion, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities of the partnership were assessed and a technical committee was established to closely follow up the proper implementation of upcoming activities. The two universities have been working collaboratively since the signing of a memorandum of understanding in March 2018.


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