Agriculture minister in showcase homegrown fruits of joint project Somaliland-Taiwan project



Somaliland Minister of Agriculture Eng. Abdiqadir Iman Warsame, participated in a showcase event to present homegrown fruit and vegetable promotion project, which is underway in the Arabsiyo area.

The project was launched in December 2020, and the Minister of Agriculture launched it on the farm in October 2021.

While explaining on the purpose of this project and how it has been effective, he said, “The purpose of our launching is to make it a training farm, and also to test many seeds to get fruits and vegetables that are suitable for Somaliland”.

The minister also said, “Apart from planting and testing the seeds, we also teach farmers about modern methods of planting so as to increase the knowledge of farmers. We deal with the problems and challenges we face in farming with what is available in our country.”

He said that the ways and means included;

1: Handbooks- To make books for farmers about the diseases in our country and how to deal with them.

2: irrigation- Farming is impossible without water, and water is very scarce in Somaliland, so farmers are taught how to use modern irrigation systems to reduce water wastage.”

He said, “By sharing this information with us, the vision is true, these precious vegetables can be grown in Somaliland. From teaching farmers new techniques, we also connect farmers and traders who sell vegetables and fruits”.

This project, which is a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Taiwan, was also celebrated on its anniversary by Taiwan’s Ambassador to Somaliland, Allen Lou.


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