144 youngsters attend interview for vocational training in Somaliland



On the 14th of July, Yovenco Technical and Vocational Education and Save the children interviewed 144 youth who applied welding and cooling system training skills. The panel interview consist of one member from YOVENCO TVET, 2 members from the SAVE THE CHILDREN and one member from the MOE&S. The final list of the winners of the interview will be announced later in this week.

The project is to build resilience and enhancing adoptable development in Somaliland funded by BMZ. The main objectives is to improve access market system driven TVET training and employment opportunities for poor vulnerable young men and women, persons with disabilities with equal gender through provision of IBTVET and other complimentary skills including entrepreneurship and life skills. In addition to that, it enhances the linkage with the private sector and other stakeholders to implement and sustain TVET and increase employment opportunities for youth. strength the capacity of TVET providers to provide quality training.

Yovenco chairman MD Hassan Mohammed has given brief presentation on the Following enrolling process.

Asia Adani Muse and Hassan Haybe Osman represented by the SAVE THE CHILDREN

Ibrahim Husein Omar represented by the Ministry of education and science



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