13 die in Hiran over suspected deadly Covid-19



The Governor of Hiran region, Ali Jeyte Osman has confirmed the death of 13 people with COVID 19 symptoms in the region.

He said the victims that died in the past 72 hours developed Coronavirus symptoms in Beledweyne and El Jalle locations respectively before their death.

Speaking during media briefing, Mr. Jeyte also called upon federal health department for help to prevent more cases related to the pandemic.

“We are appealing to the federal government to provide us supplies and equipment to curb the spread of the virus.” Governor Jeyte said.

Health officials both in the region and federal government did not comment on the claims by the regional official.

According to the ministry of health and social services, Hirshabelle state has recorded eight positive cases related to COVID 19 since the outbreak in the country on late March.

Somalia has 1,594 patients with death toll of 61 people so far.


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