We are grateful to the President for our achievements, DG Deeqa


The Director General of the Ministry of Assembly Relations and Constitutional Affairs Miss Deeqa Abdi Yusuf thanked everyone who participated in the Constitution and Patriotism Training for public servants.

Miss Deeqa’s speech on Monday was at an event held for the completion of the constitution and patriotism training for government employees.

She said that it is an honor for the Ministry to facilitate the course and host the event for the employees who completed the constitution training.

She thanked the staff for facilitating the training, and all those who participated in it.

She noted her gratefulness to the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi for always supporting the ministry which has an important duty to the nation.

“Government employees are expected to reflect their duty to the nation in the constitution and the patriotism taught hence aid in the efforts of impacting the knowledge practically”, she stated.

The activities and achievements of the Ministry of Councils’ Relations and Constitutional Affairs are part of the government’s progress in educating public servants and the members of the public about the importance of nationalism and the stability of their national security.

She thanked the civil service commission for easing their chores.

The efforts are indeed a major fete and achievement to the nation.

In essence civics entails the theoretical, political and practical aspects of citizens, as well as its obligatory rights and duties. It includes the study of civil law, codes and regulations and associated patriotism.


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