Three Killed In Al-Shabaab And Local Militia Clash



Three people were killed following clashes between armed group al-Shabaab and local militia fighters famously known as Macwisley.

Waab-Weyn village residents confirmed the death of two al.Shabaab Fighters and one civilian.

According to government officials in Waab-Weyn village in Hiran region, the clashes started when fighters from armed group al-Shabaab launched an attack on the Macwisley militias in the area.

Mahas district council commissioner, Abdi Mumin Elmi said the local administration in support from the federal government is ready to back up the local militia against al-Shabaab.

The organized militias who are mainly pastoralist emerged in the past years to reject al-Shabaab forced taxation and recruitment of children as fighters.

Macwisley group leader was killed by al-Shabaab following clashes in the Middle Shabelle region earlier this month.

The organized livestock keepers also killed key Al Qaida linked figures in retaliation.

They urged the federal government to provide necessary support in their fight to protect their property.


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