The National Army and their American counterparts have negotiated a military training that will take place in Berbera


20 countries including our neighbor have been invited to the training next month

The National Army welcomed officers from the US CJTF-HOA based in Djibouti to Berbera on Friday and discussed the military training plan that would be held in the country in February.

Twenty countries, including the neighbouring nation of Somalia, will join as part of nation participants in the military training hosted by the Republic of Somaliland: it will take place in areas jointly explored by the National Army and the United States.


On January 13, U.S. Combined Joint Task Force–Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) personnel conducted a site survey visit to the port of Berbera.  The visit comes in advance of the U.S.-led multinational military training exercise Justified Accord scheduled for February 2023.

Justified Accord is designed to increase multinational cooperation in crisis response and counterterrorism operations and prepare regional partners for UN and African Union-mandated missions.


In addition to the port of Berbera, Justified Accord exercises will take place in Botswana, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with the participation from 20 partner nations, including Somalia.


The U.S. military routinely surveys potential operating locations to prepare for contingencies and exercise readiness or adjust force posture as directed.



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