The essence of Somaliland cannot be disputed, says UCID Chairman Feisal


The Chairman of the UCID Party, Faysal Ali Warabe, said that no one at all can dispute the identity and essence of Somaliland.

Faysal Ali Warabe also made it clear that Las Anod cannot be cut off from Somaliland hence that the integral borders of the nation would be duly secured.

He gave the sentiments over the week.

He said, “The essence of Somaliland cannot be cause of controversy hence those who are purporting that it will never be recognized are controversial, the men who own Somaliland today will not be recognized are mere naysayers”.

He pointed that he was a presidential candidate who stood with integrity hence sought voters from the whole nation and did not align with clannish tendencies hence never flashed money around.

He was convictional that the elections would be held since he averred that all stakeholders are solidly united about it.


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