Taiwan Donates medical supplies to Somaliland

COVID-19 continues to spread globally to threaten people’s lives and cause massive economic losses. In order to assist Somaliland to increase its related capability to combat this pandemic, the Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland once again cooperates with KMUH healthcare system, Taiwanese NGO and company to donate Taiwanese-made high-quality surgical masks and protective gowns to the Ministry of Health Development of the Republic of Somaliland.
Taiwan has been side by side with Somaliland to combat COVID-19 by sharing various Taiwanese-made medical supplies including masks, PPE, antigen rapid tests, PCR machines and reagents and many others since the outbreak of COVID-19. As the weather turns cooler, there are concerns to prepare for the new wave of the pandemic, and since the global vaccine coverage is insufficient and the treatment methods are not yet popular, people still need to take necessary measures to combat COVID-19, including wearing masks and sanitize hands. Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland integrated the resources of International College of Surgeons Taiwan Section (Taiwan ICS) and ACTife, providing Somaliland Government with high-quality masks and gowns to assist the government in safeguarding her people’s health.
Viruses know no borders and no one is safe until everyone is.  No country can remain on the sidelines and should be all integrated to the international community to fight against this pandemic which threatens all mankind. Taiwan is willing and ready to contribute and share more with international community.  The G7 foreign ministers, government leaders or high-level officials of diplomatic allies as well as Japan, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, and the United States have publicly expressed their rock-solid support for Taiwan to participate in the related international activities. Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland would also like to express the heartfelt gratitude to Somaliland Government’s continuously support in this regard.
Taiwan will continue to share the medical resources and work together with Somaliland to combat the pandemic. “Taiwan can help” and “Taiwan is helping” are not only slogans, they also show the brotherly friendship between Taiwan and Somaliland. The core principles of “Taiwan Model” of cooperation are based on “mutual assistance for mutual benefits” (MAMB). Taiwan and Somaliland are together to shape this new “WIN-WIN” cooperation model.
Somaliland is an important partner of Taiwan in East Africa. Both sides share the common core values ​​of freedom and democracy. Taiwan commits to deepen bilateral cooperation with Somaliland Government to benefit the people, as well as together with like-minded countries, in various fields.


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