Stop Threatening Traditional Leaders on Talks with Somalia, Chief Somaliland Sultan Urges President Bihi


Traditional leaders are the architects of the home grown Somaliland peace building process thence bedrock of prevalent peace and security in the country.

This was stated by chief traditional leader of all Somaliland clans Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir during an interview with Geeska Afrika Newspaper in Hargeisa as he reacted to threats issued by president Muse Bihi in relation to recent clamour to be included in any future talks between Somaliland and Somalia by the his compatriots.

At a press briefing in Hargeisa where he was flanked by opposition political chiefs and the two speakers of the bicameral parliament President Bihi said that there was no space at the Somaliland negotiation table with Somalia for traditional leaders while warning that their continued persistence to be included shall be meet unfavourably.

“Rather than seeking a seat at the negotiation table with Somalia I ask our traditional leaders to sit back and await outcome” said the head of state immediately after briefing opposition politician and heads of the legislature on status of ongoing plans by PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia to resuscitate the stalled talks.

But according to Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir local traditional leaders have all the rights to partake in the talks though upon agreement with the president but threats of consequences will ultimately force plans for a national consultative forum to seek the opinion of the public.

“We hold the president in great esteem but we urge his restrain on threats to traditional leaders” said Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir adding that while every cadre of leaders in Somaliland has its path of mandate it was unwise and nationally detrimental for a confrontation between the executive and traditional leadership.

In conclusion the chief Somaliland clan’s leader said that politics is a study taken at university level and the only person who can claim to be a politician of note is the one who has a certificate from a university that certifies his/her mastery of the subject.




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