SRSG James Swan’s Statement At The Press Stake-Out In Jowhar, Hirshabelle



Jowhar – First of all, allow me to thank President Mohamed Abdi Ware and the people of Hirshabelle for their hospitality and the warm welcome we received during this visit. It is a pleasure to visit Somali’s newest Federal Member State. I am impressed by the progress achieved since this State was formed just three years ago.

We had encouraging and fruitful talks with President Ware and his cabinet on a wide range of issues, including the need to strengthen the state-building process in Somalia.

We particularly agreed that good relations between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States are crucial to that end.

We are looking forward to increasing our cooperation with the people and the government of Hirshabelle to implement the UNSOM mandate and the activities of the UN family more effectively.

The UN family undertakes a wide variety of activities in Hirshabelle, covering the development of institutional capacity, provision of humanitarian assistance, facilitation of political reconciliation and mediation, as well as security sector reform and infrastructure development. I am especially concerned about the humanitarian situation in view of the current food security crisis which affects about one-quarter of Hirshabelle’s population. I was accompanied today by representatives of the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees so that we could discuss humanitarian needs in detail.

I look forward to a close collaboration with the people and leaders of Hirshabelle during my tenure.



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