Somaliland: Three “reporters” Run Back To Their Paymasters In Mogadishu



According to a certain website claiming to be a Somaliland “website”, which in reality is paid for and supported with funds from the weak federal entity in Mogadishu, three of their “reporters” have fled to there, because “they feel unable to practice their “profession” in Somaliland”.

In other words, these “reporters” have been unable to spread their propaganda on behalf of their paymasters in Mogadishu and had to return there. They are not by any stretch of the imagination, professional journalists.

Nothing new in that. We, in Somaliland, are aware of the daily campaign against our country by the weak federal entity being guarded in the 4km around villa Somalia.

The creation of Twitter bots, attempts to pay off legitimate Somaliland journalists and websites is a daily occurrence.

This is all part of the economic, diplomatic, political, and information warfare against Somaliland.

One must understand that when your argument is weak, you tend to resort to lies, fake news and other nefarious activities. It gets you nowhere. As the Somali saying goes “Beeni raad ma leh”, ( A lie has no basis).

Somaliland will keep marching on, and these three youngsters will realize that taking few dollars to disparage your homeland is the road to ruin.

Ali Mohamed Abokor


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