Somaliland: Ruling Kulmiye Party Debunks Riyo Raac membership of Central Council



The controversy surrounding the nomination of Abdirashid Riyo-raac to the independent electoral commission refuses to subside.

Today, Kulmiye Party refuted that president Muse Bihi nominated a member of his party to the electoral commission.

The controversy over the nomination of Abdirashid Riyo-raac to the electoral commission seems that it is not going anywhere. Today, at a press conference, Kulmiye Party denied that Abdirashid Riyo-Raac is a member of the current Central Council of the party.

This came a day after Waddani Party displayed a booklet of the central council of Kulmiye Party members which included the controversial Abdirashid Riyo-Raac.

The chairman of Kulmiye’s central council, Mr. Mohamud Jama Warfaa explained that the list presented by Waddani is outdated. He stated that Riyo-Raac is not a member of the central council formed in the 2019 conference. He added that Riyo-Raac became an honorary member of the central council in 2014 because of his appointment in the cabinet of the previous Kulmiye government.

“There are two types of members of Kulmiye party’s central council. there are members of the constituencies. And then there are honorary members who are members of the cabinet and the members of parliament. The person automatically becomes a member of the central council when he’s appointed to the cabinet. That person disqualifies automatically upon losing the job at the cabinet. ” Mr. Mohamud Jama said.

The chairman of Kulmiye’s central council announced that they will sue Waddani party for misleading the public and making up lies.

“It is not appropriate to mislead the public. The leadership of the Kulmiye central council will pursue the matter. We will sue the people who have been misleading the public and espousing lies all night on television. They will have to prove their claims.”

Kulmiye party also displayed a book containing an allegedly updated list of the central council members. In this list, Riyo-raac’s old number is taken up by another member.

The controversy over Riyo-raac’s affiliation with Kulmiye Party is because the electoral law forbids party members from serving in the independent electoral commission.



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