Somaliland Recognition is Significant to Somalia’s Tranquility



Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, the finance minister of Somaliland has explained on SL’s case for recognition, its paramount importance for Somalia, the region and the world. He also said that Somaliland to be in state of peace and stability and internationaly recognized is not only beneficial to the Somalia, the region but the entire world. The finance minister has made the above remarks in an interview with Somaliland Now.

He has set the record straight by reiterating that Somaliland recaptures its lost statehood from Somalia but has dismissed Somalian narrative and said that does not mean Somaliland is seceding from Somalia is a secessionist as some may think. Some political analysts argue that if Somaliland is internationally recognized, that would motivate other Somali Federal member states to seek self determination.

The minister has debunked that it is not a matter of self declaring from a country but stressed that Somaliland being a state in the 1960’s entered union with Somalia to form the greater republic of Somalia. Dr. Sa’ad has firmly stated that Somaliland is a country that has withdrawn from that failed union. The minister has cited by saying that is the reality on the ground. Speaking on the importance for Somalia on Somaliland gaining an international recognition from the world. The minister has underscored that if Somaliland gets a recognition from the world, he believes that Somaliland can resolve the current crisis that Somalia is faced with. The minister has added that Somaliland knows Somalia better than any one. Mr. Sa’ad has stressed that Somaliland has settled its own internal problems by its Somaliland way. He went to say that Somaliland has restored peace and tranquility to its territory. Mr. Sa’ad publicly said that armed with this experience, Somaliland can sort out the problems in Somalia.

As for the the port of Berbera, the FM, has said that Berbera lies in a strategic position which is important for the tranquility of the region and the the entire world. He stated that the security of both Ethiopia and Djibouti are dependent on Somaliland stability. Dr. Sa’ad has said that if Somaliland’s territorial waters are not safe from piracy and terrorism threats, then the trade between Europe, Asia, and the one between Africa and Europe will come to stand still.



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