Somaliland: President Pardons 19 pirates convicted for piracy acts in Seychelles



The President of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi on Monday has issued a presidential pardon granted to 19 prisoners who were convicted for pirate acts in Seychelles and were serving their jail terms in Somaliland.

According to a press statement issued from the presidency has confirmed that the president exercising the constitutional powers enshrined in the constitution has ordered the release of the pirates who have been serving their imprisonment in Somaliland jails.

Somaliland gov during Silanyo’s administration has entered into agreement with Seychelles whereby convicted pirates for piracy acts should complete their imprisonment in Somaliland.

Somaliland has made the decision in order to be part of the coalition against combating the piracy which soared in Somalia territorial waters.

The names of released convicted pirates granted pardon are:-

1. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Iise
2. Mr.  Adow Ali Osmaan
3. Mr. Abdilaahi Yusuf Hirsi
4. Mr. Ahmed Ali Osmaan
5. Mr. Ahmed Ali Said
6. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali
7. Mr. Bashir Khalif Hashi
8. Mr. Abdirisak Mohamed Ali
9. Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Hasan
10. Mr. Nur Mohamed Adan
11. Mr.  Jamal Mohamed Ali
12. Mr. Ali Mohamed Ali
13.Mr.  Abdillahi Mohamed Hasan
14. Mr. Abdi Tahlil Hasan
15. Mr. Dahir Abdillahi Warsame
16. Mr. abdikadir Abdi Ali
17. Mr. Abdinur Haji Adan
18. Mr.  Mohamed Mohamuud Hasan
19) Mr. Abukar Ahmed Iise



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