Somaliland: President leads the nation in observing the 28th National 18th May Declaration Day




He calls for bolstering the peaceful stability cherished in the country

By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa- The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi yesterday led the nation in the celebrations of the commemoration of the 28th National Independence Day, a day that saw the re-assertion and the re-affirmation of Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Of note, the Head of State clearly pointed out that the proposed Red Sea security operations will only work with Somaliland playing a part in its teams since it occupies the longest stretch of the coast spanning 850 km.

The statement was part of the President’s speech to the nation that passionately appealed for the maintenance, observation, and upholding of the peaceful stability that is currently cherished.

The President gave the speech at a dais that was graced by his immediate predecessor H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, diplomats and parliamentarians from Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia, UK, Denmark, and an affiliate of the EU. The service commanders, cabinent members, MPs, the Speakers of both Houses of the legislative asemlies, opposition leaders, senior officials of note from both public and private sectors, eminent personalities etc were joined by the populace to observe the day.

In the speech that covered a large area of socio-economical and political aspects, the President hailed the democratization process that has the inclusive governance moderlities whereby political parties liased with the three arms of the state to blend in the administrative processes.

“The nation of Somaliland is administered through collective participation whereby the official political parties, the legislature, the judiciary and the executive exercise regulations under the auspices of democratic governance”, said the Head of State.

He pointed out that the essence of the administration of the day has been rendered capable chiefly by the nurturing of peaceful stability.

He minced no words chen he put it plain that the enemies of the nation grind their teeth in chagrin wherever they see the country celebrate its asperations hence he reiterated the need to keep the unity and solidarity for the nation to fledge.

On the social front, the President noted that the health sector has been restructured to see to it that the majority of the people in the country have easy access to the services.

He said that since governance is the empowering of the administration by the people to serve the members of the public, the state has prioritized the fostering of the sector with its meager budget.

He said that the government was able to build and establish new health facilities in various regions, rehabilitated others and generally pepped the services rendered up by 31% more during the past year.

Similarly, he noted that the regional hospitals of Sanaag, Sool Togdeer, Awdal and Marodijeh bore more of the focus on bolstering them.

He announced that renal unit equipment was installed in Togdeer.

In the same period, the President noted, have 659,000 tiddlers being vaccinated and immunized of the major child airebone and highly contagious malaise.

On the Education sector the President revealed that the salaries and allowances of the public school teachers were increased.

In advently, 1.2 million school books were distributed.

Similarly, foreign scholarships were accorded to 454 students.

Of note is the fact that nomadic public schooling in the rural areas has gone up by 22% .

The water front has seen 21% of the water sources increased at Geed-deeble in the ongoing process of increasing the water supply of Hargeisa city which has been facing perennial hiccups.

President revealed that by the end of next year it’s expected that 42% of water distribution would be increased.

He said that the previous year saw 27 water boreholes being dug with extra water wells to the tune of 80 having been constructed.

On job creation, the just formulated policy has seen 1654 having been absorbed, 1500 of them being in line with, and as a result of, the policy.

On the same noted the policy has seen to it that the female gender gets 30% of the share.

The President added that the 18 women are the quota the government proposed and tabled to the parliament being rendered for women representatives.

Economic-wise, the President said that focus is being put on the agricultural, livestock, fisheries and industrial sectors especially given the fact that 65% of the population had their economic lifeline embedded on livestock marketing and 20% depending on substance agriculture, while three percent are fishermen.

With the majority of the people migrating to urban areas hence those in the rural areas translating to 50% of the total population, the President said that there was imperative need to streamline the planning of the national economy aptly.

By thus, the call for the disseminating of the fact that there was a need for concerted efforts in participating in the generation of the economy by all and sundry.

The President sounded the promising fact that prospective explorations have noted vast natural resources prevalent in the country hence there that was need to solicit for international investments to exploit the sector.

Similarly, he noted that there was a need to fronting political and social unity such that the nation may palpitate its aspirations and progressively prosper in all aspects of developmental programs.

The inflation rate that topped 19.2% has gone down to 7.7% whereas the local currency has strengthened by 24%.

He revealed that the livestock exportation is expected to resume soon.

The president pointed out that the state coffers had to be bolstered such that economic generation may pick up speed. Such coffers are for instance the Berbera port which has the new one having its construction being initiated.

Others are roads such as the Berbera corridor, Berbera international airport, and other infrastructures etc.

He reiterated the need to bolster the security arms and hailed the part they played in national integration.

On the electioneering process, the President was clear that his government and the ruling party has completed all the needs  thereof that were imperatively to be addressed before the voting day.

He praised the UCID party for showing responsibility and the following cue but decried that the Wadani party and especially its chairman were not ready to participate in the electioneering process.

He appealed to the members of the public and patriots at large to come out and support the process, especially the elected officials in both the legislature and civic assemblies.

On the foreign affairs front, the president said that the government would put more emphasis on dealing with and lobbying African states as per the constitutions and regulations of the AU.

As for Somaliland-Somalia talks, the President said that the time has come, as avered by IC society, that the talks should be revived, something the nation is ready for a non-confrontational peaceful dialogue.

Similarly, celebrations were held yesterday countrywide where the regional governors and Mayors of the regional capitals hosted and presided.

The minister for information Hon. Mohammed Musa Diriye was in Erigavo while the Vice President was in Borama.

All the words of the leaders across the nation dwelt on the need of cohesion, harmonious communal settings, and peaceful stability to be observed such that prosperity may be realized in socio-economical, socio-political and security sectors in/of the country.


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