Somaliland President Calls for a comprehensive National Dialogue



The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has called for a national dialogue for those people who have complaints concerning their interests.

The head of state was speaking during the 15 graduation ceremony at Hargeisa University on Tuesday, President Bihi stated that his government will look into all complaints coming from the opposition and other interest groups to start dialogue with them.

“I have accepted the opposition advice and examples and from now henceforth it is my duty to bring people closer together, as unity is strength. We have a government which role is to solve every problem that arises by the day. It is the duty of my government to listen to dissenting voices and those who have wronged us we have to exercise tolerance.  I have been in the country for the past 30 years and I’m best suited to know what the country needs to prosper.” The president said.

President Bihi went on to say “Whoever who has misgiving with the government should come forward and make his case in a constructive manner, but it is unacceptable for him/her to say that I’m taking the barrel of the gun to fight for my rights. Please curse the Satan I know whatever you are complaining about and I shall try to solve them.”

Speaking about the national youth service which his government promised the youths during the electioneering period he had this to say “I have stood at the podium at this university several times calling for youth employment. I’m the first president to write in the party manifesto the national youth service program. I’m in the process of fulfilling that promise to the youths of Somaliland.”

“The ruling party Kulmiye included two important points concerning the youths in their agenda the first is to create a national development fund for the youth and start a bank to fund youth development. Our plan is to deposit $200,000 every year to the youth development fund. We also urge others such as business companies and international organizations to follow suit and fund the youths of Somaliland. Secondly we want to create a youth work plan this will cost us a million dollar annually, we hope to start it earnestly in January 2019.” The head of state revealed.

He added that the government intends to hire 1000 university graduates and train them how the government works. The following ministries will participate in the youth development strategic plan ministry of finance, labor and social service, education and the civil service commission.



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