Somaliland: President Bihi Attends graduation ceremony in Burao



President Musa Bihi Abdi and his delegation were welcomed in Burao, Togder’s provincial capital on Sunday. The President has embarked a tour to some of the regions in Somaliland where he attended the graduation of local universities and have laid the foundation stone of development projects. On his second day of an official tour to Burao, the president and his entourage received cordial reception whereby locals have lined up on the sidewalks of major streets waving leaves and dressed with Somaliland flag. The president was greeted by the locals in the vicinity of Burao and was escorted to the graduation venue. The Head of State has attended the graduation ceremony whereby 242 students have completed their tertiary education. The President speaking at the ceremony has reiterated that this a huge success as for the 242 students have achieved in finishing their university education. He sent congratulations and expressed his optimism that the knowledge that the knowledge that they have acquired will be of great use to the nation. Mr. Bihi has underscored that his government is committed to improve the quality of education in Somaliland. He spoke of giving a priority to students that have graduated from public education where scholarships have been awarded. He stated that those who send their children to private institutes are capable of sponsoring the scholarships for their children in overseas.



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