Somaliland: Police detain youth who stormed mosque stealing from worshipers


HARGEISA–Somaliland police force in an operation at Hargeisa, Sheikh Nuur estate flushed out gangs of youths who had raided a local mosque and robbed the congregation. The incident took place on 3rd August 2018 at 8.00 pm.
According to the deputy commissioner of police Brigadier General Abdirahman Liban Ahmed (Foohle) confirmed the arrest of the youthful gangsters.

“Last night a group of youth armed with crude weapons attacked a cleric and his congregation in Sheikh Nuur area of Hargeisa. The youngsters were armed with machetes and blinding torches which they used to blind their victims.
The gangs which have given themselves names have of late become daring. Last night they entered a mosque and robbed worshippers of their mobile phones and other valuables. Police got wind of their escapades and immediately swung into action whereby by 10 pm all the gangs had been nabbed by the police.” The police chief revealed.

The deputy commissioner of police said that from today onwards the police will parade gangsters in front of the camera so that others can take heed. This is according to Somaliland News Agency ( reporters at
police headquarters. He urged parents to be aware of their children’s

Also speaking at the venue is police spokesman Colonel Faisal Hiis he said “We called this press conference to inform you that criminals have changed tact and are now so daring that they have the guts to enter places of
worship to steal from the congregations. I call on the public to be aware that the police have launched operations to flush out criminals from their midst so they should inform the police of criminals.”



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