Somaliland National Army is maintaining security in Badhan



The commander of Somaliland army stationed in Badhan, Mr. Guray Osman Salah has said that the defense forces have been dispatched to all Sanaag province and the border with Puntland. Mr. Guray has confirmed that Somaliland national army is in full control of the security of Badhan township. The commander has repudiated with the strongest possible terms that the defected soldiers from Somaliland were four units. He stated that there were few in number that individuals with vested interest have lured them. Somaliland army is now fully maintaining the law and order of the township added the commander. Mr. Guray has not concealed that ministers from Somaliland and Puntland visit the township. It is the failure of Somaliland previous administration to secure its border with Puntland. Mr.Guray has admitted that it is true that the border is not secured and is open for ministers from Puntland to pay a courtesy call as they cannot obstruct them. He said that what matters the most is the peace and security to be observed in the township. A couple of days ago, members of Somaliland army stationed in Badhan have announced defecting into Puntland which ministers from its administration have greeted the soldiers and their commanders and integrated them into their forces.



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